Water Year

Fearing Water – Dealing With Aquaphobia


Many people nowadays suffer from Aquaphobia, which is is medical definition of water-related anxieties and panic attacks.

If you are a poor swimmer, or may have some negative association with water that perhaps stems from a childhood experience, you can suffer from this aspect of the disorder. In order to feel better in such a state, you can try self-help strategies or engage in therapy sessions.

If you are breathing rapidly during the time when you approach the ocean or swimming pools and then the panic attack arises you, breathe in and out, preferably out of a paper bag. This can help because generally when panic attacks occur, it is due to inhaling too much oxygen. Using a paper bag will bring your oxygen levels back to normal. Controlling your breathing can significantly calm you down. Slow abdominal breathing has been seen as an effective method to prevent panic attacks.

Furthermore, you should exercise regularly which leads to burning extra adrenaline in your body. Adrenaline causes faster heart beats and rapid breathing. Meditation and yoga practices, if practiced daily, promote relaxation and bring about positive feelings in your mind. Moreover, you should try to develop ways in which you can overcome your negative thinking. This can make you stronger in terms of coping up with panic attacks that you encounter.

You should also abstain from alcohol, cigarette and caffeine intake if you are susceptible to panic attacks. Alcohol consumption uses the extra supply of vitamin B present inside your body.

Also, it is essential to find a friend or family member who you can confide in. This will make you feel much calmer and will decrease your exposure to unnecessary burden and stress. Sleep is also essential. You must ensure you get enough sleep. A good sleeping routine will help in reducing panic attacks significantly. (more…)


The phrase “social media” has emerged in the rare stratosphere of recognition and fame that is normally reserved for Presidents and other popular socialites and it seems to be doing just fine. But what does social media marketing really mean? And how can its dominance, recognition and fame be used on the global scene in order to grow a business?

Social media marketing requires dedication

If you are new in this field, then you might be thinking that writing a few eye catching blogs together with daily but random status updates as well as a healthy number of likes and followers are all that you need to do the trick. Well, you are very wrong. The hard truth is that social media marketing takes real planning and a lot of dedication. For a serious online marketer, harnessing the complete power of social media requires you to deliberately incorporate a mixture of listening to your clients or audience, sharing relevant messages with them, and enabling your followers share this relevant message with others in order to be successful.

Social media marketing requires quality content

In order for your social media marketing campaign to be effective and successful, quality content marketing is a must. The strategies you employ in your social media marketing campaigns come from your content marketing strategy. It is only great and relevant content that can be shared among many people and through this sharing, your business is able to reach new audiences and in return it increases the potential number of fans, friends as well as clients for your business.

An increase in the number of friends and fans on your online platform means there is increased traffic to your website. In this way, you will be positioning your business in a way that the global client base is able to see it.

Getting good social results is deeply satisfying

Regardless of whether your business is small scale or large scale, the power of social media marketing should not be underestimated. These tools can be the most inexpensive as well as the most powerful marketing tools at your disposal and if appropriately used, they can be beneficial in building search engine and client authority and trust that in the best case, helps in the exponential growth of your business.

Social media platforms have the largest number of users today and this is the market that potential business owners are looking to tap into. However, in order to effectively benefit from the power these tools bring along to online marketing, it is very important that you are aware of the basics of search engine optimization. This is because social media marketing revolves around marketing with quality content, and quality content is basically SEO.

Watering Down The Process of SEO

seo-melbourne-2The role of search engine optimization is not to lie to the system or to trick the search engines into ranking a site higher than it should be. Many poor SEO tactics damage the ranking of SEO pages because of this line of thought. The main purpose of SEO is to provide the following to a website; make sure the website has a smooth user experience and to communicate the intentions of the website to the search engines so that they can recommend it to the people searching for information on the web. Experts normally recommend that one think of search engine optimization as a cake. Where the links and the social media connections are the icing, but the infrastructure of the website and the content are the sugar that makes the cake.

Most search engines look for at least one of the following when a search query is types into the search box. The content of a website is the first thing, and this is normally defined by the theme set by the search query. The next thing would be user experience parameters like the performance, which gauges how fast users get access to the website, how it looks, the ease of navigation, safety and bounce rate. Search engines also look for site authority, which is whether a site has good enough content for other sites to link to it or use it as a reference.

There are negative SEO tactics that search engines today are designed to overlook. Some of them are not illegal per se, but are allowed in some moderation. A good example is keyword stuffing. This is where websites have content with unusually high percentages of relevant phrases to a particular search theme. These will result in poor user experience and only reduce the ranking of the website even further. Other common techniques that are frowned upon include buying links or designing a website with poor user experience, with, for instance too many pop up ads.seo-melbourne

Melbourne SEO Specifics

Ultimately, the goal of the website and the visits to the site is to drive business to whatever company one is marketing. This calls for Australian marketers to not just design and optimise  their .com.au websites, but also to understand the business model. Some of the questions that might help Australian web designers in particular optimise websites for their business model include asking about conversions, assets, liabilities and goals of the business. Is the SEO Melbourne consultancy in the business of selling an image or idea, or is it selling an actual physical commodity?

Domain naming is also important when optimizing the site. The domain name should be consistent and remain traditional because they are easily recognizable. Having those important phrases in the URL also help improve the rank of the website. SEO is not just about improving the content and infrastructure of the website for the sake of search engines. Social media is emerging as powerful marketing tool. Website designers should make sure they optimize their websites for multiple channels. The most common social media channels are twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and email.